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CB 500F Exhaust Modifications

Modifying your Honda CB 500F to extract more power and better performance can be done in a variety of ways, or if your just looking to modify the looks of your Honda CB 500F there are abundant resources to go about it.

CB 500F modifications that are normally done usually involve installing a better flowing exhaust system to increase the velocity of the exhaust gases. A correctly tuned Honda CB 500F exhaust system will give better performance usually in the mid to top end range of power. This gives the Honda CB 500F better acceleration and a higher top speed. The original exhaust system is also very heavy and with a well built high quality CB 500F exhaust system the weight will be reduced dramatically and weigh not even a 1/4 of the factory exhaust. The weight reduction will also contribute to better acceleration and handling characteristics of the Honda CB 500F. Aftermarket CB 500F performance exhaust systems are usually a bit louder than stock systems, but not unbearable unless it is a full on Honda CB 500F racing exhaust system. For racing exhaust designed for the CB 500F which may possibly be used on the street from time to time a 'DB Killer' is usually sold or included with the exhaust system.

A DB killer is installed in the rear of the Honda CB 500F exhaust at the exit hole of the muffler. It usually resembles a small plug with holes in it which reduce noise levels and serve to constrict minimally. When a DB Killer is installed the performance of a Honda CB 500F performance exhaust system usually loses the smallest bit of velocity in order to reduce noise levels.

CB 500F Air Filter Modifications

A CB 500F air filter modification can help improve performance. A better flowing air filter for the Honda CB 500F allows more air into the combustion chamber allowing the bike to create more power. Not only this but a freer flowing air filter for the Honda CB 500F allows the piston to draw air into the cylinder with less effort and allows the bike to reach higher RPM's at a faster rate. More air in equals more power, so for the best results an exhaust system for the Honda CB 500F should also be used in conjuction with a high performance air filter for the best performance.

CB 500F ECU Modifications

A Honda CB 500F ECU modification involves installing an aftermarket piece of electronics which allows the fuel to air ratio to be adjusted. The ignition timing maps may also be adjusted to compensate for the various ratios. In some aftermarket ECU electronics for the Honda CB 500F trimming of the fuel injectors is also possible which allows further fuel adjustments. It is recommended to use a performance ECU when installing an aftermarket exhaust for the Honda CB 500F although it is not mandatory since ECU's can usually swing +/- 20%. But to extract the absolute best performance from a racing exhaust for the Honda CB 500F as well as free flow air filter, an adjustable ECU for the Honda CB 500F is the ticket for the best possible performance.

CB 500F Handling Modifications - Tires

While the Honda CB 500F tires are better equipped than it's little brother the CBR 250. A better set of stickier tires with a more useable radius may be desireable. A tire with a rounder profile will allow the Honda CB 500F to take corners at a more stable angle as well decrease rolling resistance with the correct rubber compound. Wet weather traction may also be improved over the original Honda CB 500F tires. Braking distance will also be decreased with a better chance of the tires not losing their grip during quick unexpected heavy braking conditions. A good set of tires are probably one of the best modifications you can make to the Honda CB 500F, it will allow you to ride to your fullest potential with confidence without having to worry about the bike sliding out from underneath you. Not only this but once you become confident with the tires and know it's limits, riding will take on a whole new meaning as you tackle corners at speeds and lean angles you never would've imagined you could with the original tires on the Honda CB 500F. This one modification will truly help to make you a better more confident rider.

CB 500F Rearset Modifications

You'll probably be considering CB 500F rearset modifications when you start to get your lean on and put your knee down, you're going to start finding that yor footpegs are starting to scrape the concrete the more you lean over. While rearsets will allow you to take corners without scraping and also give the Honda CB 500F a more agressive riding position, they can be uncomfortable for use in normal day to day riding and feel rather cramped. Although if you don't mind CB 500F rearset modications, these will make the riding position more aggressive and give better control of the bike when riding fast and hard. A CB 500F rearset modification will put the feet up higher and farther back and change the bikes center of gravity with the rider on it. Rearsets will allow you to pitch into corners at a more controlled rate and will shift the weight of the rider forward a bit which aids in front wheel traction.

CB 500F Windshield Modifications

When riding at high speeds doing a CB 500F windshield modification is a great thing to do. An aftermarket windshield can help in a few ways, it can help lift the oncoming air up and over the rider allowing the rider to ride with less crouching to avoid wind resistance. A Honda CB 500F windshield modification can aso provide better stability and quicker turning as the bike cuts through the air. The faster you go the more wind resistance there will be and at 50 mph, it takes approximately 5hp alone to overcome the wind resistance. Modified windshields for the Honda CB 500F usually come in three types, the double bubble which can be close to original height but cuts the air better, a sportier windshield that is slightly higher to keep a little bit more wind off the rider, and touring type windshields that are usually substantially taller than the factory height. The touring windshields available for the Honda CB 500F usually allow the rider to sit almost totally upright to avoid wind resistance, but at the expense of looking a little goofy in the process.

CB 500F Seat Modifications

Taking a long ride can take a toll on your buttocks and a Honda CB 500F seat modification can be the solution you are looking for. But be aware that changing the seating position can also have an affect on how the bike handles if the height of the seat is reduced or increased. If a change of the Honda CB 500F seat height is involved it may change the center of gravity and throw the handling off from the original seat height. You will have to relearn how the CB 500F handles and compensate for any changes in balance that a different seat height may induce on the Honda CB 500F and the rider.

Honda CB 500F seats can be made out of a variety of materials ranging from real leather and vinyl to cloth materials that prevent sliding. Sliding and easy mobility may be desired though, especially when riding on a track or twisty mountain roads where shifting weight to take turns is paramount to fast riding techniques. A vast array of different types of foam can be used to provide support and comfort in an aftermarket seat for the Honda CB 500F, there are foams that are supportive for long rides that you virtually melt into and there are firmer foams that allow you to shift weight from side to side easier. There are even gel type seats that have good shock absorbtion. The width of the seat also has an affect on the seat height, a wider seat usually makes the ride height even higher because it spreads the crotch area farther apart and lifting the legs.