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Honda 500 CBR

Honda 500 CBR is practical with a great seating position and good all around performance.

The Honda 500 CBR is a new bike released by Honda that features a twin cylinder with useable power throughout the RPM range. The Honda 500 CBR was designed for less aggressive riding with amild mannered engine that can get down when called upon.

The Honda 500 CBR is a much less intimidating bike to ride than its bigger brother the infamous CBR 600. In comparison the power is tame and easily controlled. Beginners and experienced alike are going to love the Honda 500 CBR with its brisk and peppy engine that lets yo ride with a smile on your face. The Honda 500 CBR is an easy bike to ride with excellent ergonomics that will leave the rider stress free.

The Honda 500 CBR can also be modified in a number of ways to gt more power from it when needed. Modificstions such as exhaust, airfilter and ECU tuning can all be used in conjunction with one another to extract even better performance.

Apart from engine modifications there are also suspension upgrades that will improve the handling of the Honda 500 CBR to close to racebike performance. Trick out your Honda 500 CBR by installing items like adjustable levers, grips and carbon fiber parts and tank covers to make your CBR 500 by Honda unique.